Finish Options

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We take great pride in creating beautiful and customized finishes, so that your frame is unique. We can accommodate a range of finish requests, with various choices for the frame's overall texture, and for the contrasting logos. We can create custom artwork, with little or no upcharge. The photos shown are not intended as a menu for your finish choice, but rather to inspire ideas and give you a sense of what is possible. Let us know what you have in mind and we'll try to make it a reality.

Texture Options (Abrasion)

The overall frame finish can be either:
  • Bright-Brushed - our favorite frame finish, for both its looks, and its ease of maintenance (scratches or cable rub are easily removed with a few minutes of rubbing by hand with a scotch-brite pad);
  • Satin-Media-Blast - a semi-shiny finish achieved by bombarding the frame with small glass balls
  • Matte-Media-Blast - a matte, darker, finish achieved by bombarding the frame with aluminum-oxide shards
The decals can be done with a contrasting texture to the frame, either:
  • Polished - tube locally hand polished to near-mirror reflectivity - our favorite when combined with the bright-brushed frame finish;
  • Matte-Media-Blast - creates great contrast on a brushed frame;
  • Bright-Brushed - creates great contrast on a Media-Blasted frame

Color Options (Anodization)

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) has one of the highest known refractive indexes (slowest speed of light propagation). As a result, it is commonly used to create anti-reflection coatings on camera lenses and other optical components. A similar coating of the oxide can be created on the surface of titanium metal by exposing the metal to a positive electrical potential, in the presence of an electrolyte. The resulting oxide layer is colorless and transparent, and its thickness depends only on the voltage. Light that reflects from the outer surface interferes with reflections off the oxide-to-metal boundary, and creates color in a similar way to an oil-slick on water. But the very high refractive index of the oxide, relative to air, means that for a given thickness of the oxide layer, only a single color is typically seen, and it varies only slightly with viewing angle. The interference basis for the color-creation means that the range of colors that can be created by this process is limited, but still quite diverse:

Rise Bikes Titanium Anodizing Color Options

We can anodize the decals on your frame with any color(s) from the available spectrum shown above. We can also fade between adjacent colors in the spectrum. This anodization is an independent process from the texturing (brushing/polishing/blasting), so we can create an anodized decal with any texture.

Head-Badge (material)

Our head badges are 3D printed from precious metal, and hand polished to a lustrous finish. The standard badge is from Sterling Silver, but Bronze is also available. We love to anodize the region of the frame behind the badge to create a more dramatic look.